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Interacting with the book on the table is how to end the game for now. This is a bit of a dating sim. You assume the role of Jane.  A young woman who just moved to a new town. Her best friend invited her to a local bar and restaurant popular with the LGBTQ  community called "The Henhouse. Jane is trying to meet new people and possibly start a relationship.

For now character dialogue tress have been reduced to have something playable for the Yuri Game Jam. I had to sacrifice some content including music and small fetch quests. There will be full dating options. I will continue making updates to expand on conversations and give more diversity to interactions. I wish to put in a character select and naming system to customize the experience. I have planned a full graphic overhaul as well. There are two original music pieces in the game. I wish to expand on them and add more original music in future updates.


Henhouse Demo 1.0.0.rar 118 MB

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